Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Invader? Is it a motorcycle, or what?
It’s currently a motorcycle in 45 states, five other states including Virginia have enacted Autocycle legislation; which means you can operate the Invader with an ordinary operator’s license. Additionally, in 45 States, either through motorcycle or Autocycle legislation, you may operate the Invader coupe models without a helmet. We anticipate that most of the other 45 states will enact Autocycle legislation over the next few years.

What distinguishes the Invader from other similar vehicles?
There are many design features that distinguish the Tanom Invader from other vehicles in the three-wheeled vehicle marketplace. First, is the quality of construction and attention to detail. The Invader has a tubular steel chassis that totally surrounds and protects the passenger compartment; real tempered glass windshield; depending on model, either 3 point seat belts or a 5 point harness; and over-sized brakes more typical of an automobile than a motorcycle. The fit and finish of the Invader is impeccable. The chassis is completely hidden by stylish body panels that cause Invaders to look fast sitting still. The passenger compartment is roomy with adjustable seats and pedal controls to accommodate a broad physical range of drivers and passengers.

Where can I purchase an Invader?
Right here! If you’re interested in purchasing a Tanom Invader, contact us.

How does it drive?
It handles like a fined tuned sports car, and sounds like a Formula-1 racing car.

What is the standard warranty?
2 year Limited warranty on the chassis, and a 1 year Limited warranty on all other parts with unlimited mileage.

What is the top speed?
Depending on the gearing, 135 to 160mph

How fast will it accelerate to 60mph?
Again depending on gearing, 0 to 60mph in 3.5 to 4 seconds.

What kind of fuel does it take?
Premium gasoline.

How much fuel does the Invader hold?
12.2 gallons.

How many miles to the gallon do we get?
Depending on you driving style you can anticipate fuel economy in the upper 20’s.

How much does the Invader weigh?
1,550 lbs.

What type of power train does it have?
Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc 4-cyl Engine

How much horsepower does the engine produce?
196 HP

How big is the back tire?
29” x 20” x 18” Mickey Thompson

Do we offer doors?
While we do not offer doors at this time, we will be offering doors in the very near future.

Do we offer windshield wipers?
While we do not offer wipers at this time, our engineering team is working on an option for future models.


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